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Milano Marittima: the website for your vacations on the Adriatic Riviera

Milano Marittima was founded in the early '900 as the holiday destination of wealthy families from Milan; this is the origin of both its name and the expertise it has developed in the tourism sector.

There is no need to wait for summer holidays in Milano Marittima to discover the local beauties this charming resort cherishes; during spring public holidays the beaches of Milano Marittima are crowded with large numbers of tourists who flock here to enjoy the hottest hours of the day. Families with children and elderly people prefer less suffocating and chaotic days: Easter holidays, weekends and September are the ideal periods to spend relaxing and funny holidays here together with the whole family.

Both in summer and in winter young people from all over the world are attracted by clubs, street bars, cocktail bars and the famous discos of Milano Marittima, which are often animated by internationally renowned disk jockeys and attended by popular sportsmen and jet-setters. Milano Marittima is famous for its lively nights and the trendy clubs of the city centre, which often stage concerts, events and shows attracting elite tourists who flock to the Riviera year after year.

Milano Marittima is also famous for the wide range of sports events and facilities it hosts, such as Vip Master Tennis, a challenging tennis tournament involving famous personalities. Besides numerous tennis courts, sport lovers on holiday in Milano Marittima can take advantage of well-equipped yatching, windsurfing, water-skiing and horse-racing facilities, and also enjoy the first Golf Club of the Riviera Romagnola, provided with a 27-hole course situated just in the heart of the pinewood forest connecting Milano Maritttima with the nearby Cervia.

Besides playing sport and going for long walks across the pinewood forest, the lovers of nature can spend pleasant moments in the theme parks of Milano Marittima and its neighbourhoods, such as Cervia's Natural Park and Salt Pans and Milano Marittima's Butterfly House, which offer interesting educational itineraries to be covered in summer and during public holidays. Those flocking to Milano Marittima in spring, on April, 25 or May, 1, can take advantage of the best weather conditions to visit these outstanding natural beauties. Guests will have the possibility to get to and about Milano Marittima in the easiest and quickest possible way both by car and by public means of transport.

Walking down the tree-lined avenues of the city centre, guests will have the opportunity to admire Milano Marittima's shopping district, and to visit glamorous shops, trendy boutiques, workshops selling precious handicrafts and special stores selling sports equipments. Those who spend their Christmas holidays in Milano Marittima will have the opportunity to stroll across the shops, local street markets and cafés of the city centre, while on New Year's Eve they can run wild at night in the most popular discos of the Riviera.