Choose the best venues of Milano Marittima for a unique evening

The Adriatic Coast is synonymous with fun and clubs; those who spend their summer holidays here will be spoilt for choice and have the possibility to spend whole nights running wild in the most famous discos in Milano Marittima, take part in amazing beach parties or strike up new friendships in the popular street bars of Milano Marittima.

The cocktail bars situated on the beach of Milano Marittima are especially crowded on the occasion of appetizers and happy hours. After dinner, the street bars of the city centre attract both tourists and local inhabitants, since their original and well-kept environments are often the venue for concerts and events, as well as traditional gathering places to strike up new friendships.

Night is endless in Milano Marittima and after midnight people usually take part in beach parties or run wild in the most popular discos in Milano Marittima. Both brand new clubs and historic discos offer guests the opportunity to enjoy music played by the most famous disk-jockeys in Europe and have fun all together.

Disco pub

Via Milano 11
Tel. +39 0544 994858
Viale Romagna 3
Tel. +39 0544 995170
Zouk Santana
Via Milano 24
Tel. +39 331 2845952


Matisse Irish Pub
Viale Gramsci 14
Tel. +39 0544 991392


Viale Romagna, 66
Tel. +39 0544 994728
Villa Papeete
Via Argine Destro Savio 15
Tel. +39 335 12 75 444

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